In support of our legendary history of teaching , learning ,knowledge creation and after successfully hosting Montessori Material and Methodology workshops for last four years, Roots National Institute of Teacher Training and Education is hosting a 2 week long“ Montessori Materials and Methodology Workshop 2012” at our I-9/3 campus ,Islamabad from 15th June to 29th June 2012.The aim of this workshop is to enlighten the participating delegates about early childhood education through effective Montessori pedagogies and practices. Montessori teaching involves proactive guiding strategies. Montessori Directress has a very profound influence on child’s personality as they intervene gently and quietly, give directed choice to help child in understanding the surrounding environment and they speak and listen to the child with respect.


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The workshop started on 15th June, Friday 2012,On the first day of the workshop all the delegates were given welcome packs and the session was started by the welcome note of Roots College International-RCI Principal Ma’am Safia Farooqi who warmly welcomed all the trainees and briefed them about the importance of teachers and mothers in building up child’s personality.

Training is conducted by the international certified and diploma holders of Montessori Theories and Effective Practices. Delegates were told about Dr. Maria Theories, Importance of Montessori in Child’s personality development and Introduction of Exercises of Practical Life –EPL. Delegates were motivated and enjoyed hands on exercises. This workshop aims to share Montessori Curriculum and effective and innovative teaching practices which are implemented in Roots School System Nationwide through Roots School System Montessori Curriculum Leads, National Master Trainers & International Montessori specialists.

Montessori Material workshop is designed for the professional development of participating delegates. This course integrates Maria’s Montessori Theory with Effective Montessori Practices which are successfully implemented in Roots School System. This two week workshop includes all the necessary topics which are required for a professional Montessori Directress. This course introduces new teaching techniques and tools which guide Montessori Directress to play effective role in child’s early stage development. This workshop will open new horizon for the participating candidates.

This workshop inspires participating delegated to “imagine innovative ways”-how they can respond effectively to the child’s learning needs. The underlying objective of this workshop is to focus on the child learning needs, teacher effectiveness and motivation for both.

From the beginning, the vision of our training department is to bring teachers into direct contact with the opportunities which will have a great impact on their professional development. We provide our teachers great learning opportunities to learn from leading scholars, academia and educational thinkers in a stimulating environment, surrounded by learning and academic resources.

Change-in Education recently participated and showcased its recent work and achievements at Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum held at PC Hotel, Lahore on 17th June, 2012. Microsoft Partners in Learning is a global program focused on improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology in the classroom. The event aimed at promoting collaboration among educators and school leaders, celebrate creativity and innovation in education, establish a strong community of innovators at the classroom and school level and recognize teaching excellence.

Microsoft Pakistan and Change-in Education under the Microsoft Innovative Educator Training Program build professional capacity of the teachers and train them to cope up with the modern and ever changing teaching environment. Team Change-in Education set-up a stall displaying and sharing its recent activities and achievements.

The stall was visited by the panel of judges, participants and guests present at the occasion who were profoundly impressed by the work done by CIE to bring about a positive change in the educational sector of Pakistan. The guests highly acknowledged and acclaimed the work, passion, commitment and dedication of Mr. Faisal Mushatq and his team and their tireless efforts towards bridging the public and private sector education divide. At the end of the event, Change-in Education was presented with a memento in recognition of its services to the nation and country.


Rahim Yar Khan June 4th 2012: Roots National Institute of Teachers Training and Education-RNITTE and Change in Education –CIE in collaboration with Microsoft Pakistan hosted a week long training session at Daanish Public School Rahim Yar Khan and Chistian. The main objective of this training session was to share the learning experience of Microsoft Innovative Education Forum.

Microsoft hosts Innovative Education Forum every year, winners of this forum are given special training on Partners In Learning (PIL) website, communities and various free useful Microsoft tools to promote 21st century teaching pedagogies.PIL team hosts various online training session for the School Leaders and teachers of Path Finder Schools.

Roots School System teachers have a privilege of winning Innovative Teachers Forum –ITF and RSS Emaar Campus was declared as the Pakistan’s First Path Finder School of year 2012 The winning teachers along with Microsoft Local Academic Program Manager went to Daanish Public School, Rahim Yar Campus and Daanish Pubic School, Chistian to share their learning experience and winning projects..

Training session started on June 4th 2012 at Rahim Yar Khan Campus, Microsoft APM-Mr. Usman Khan elaborated on Microsoft Online Safety and Security and also guided teachers regarding 21st century skills i.e. Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration. The session was then taken up by Roots School System Teachers who guided teachers regarding different Social Media Tools like LinkedIn, twitter, windows live movie maker and Partners in Learning communities and useful resources.

On the second day of the training session, Daanish Public School teachers were helped and were given the guidelines for their projects which they will present at Microsoft Local Education Forum 2012.Teachers were guided to prepare Virtual Class Room Tour –VCT ,which is the standard template for the project presentation.

Same Training Sessions were conducted at Rahim Yaar Khan Chistian Campus. The main objective of this training was to train all the teachers regarding 21st Century Teaching Standards and challenges required in implementing in the schools.

Exective Director RSS Islamabad & Founder Director RNITTE/CIE Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq supported this training initiative and remark such initiative as the first step to strengthen the paradigm shift that calls for revolutionary change in entire process of teaching and learning.

Partner in Learning.
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Rawalpindi 26th February 2012: Change – in Education in collaboration with FIDA organized Three Days Teacher Training Workshop which started from Friday, 24th February, 2012- till Sunday February 26th, 2012 on the theme “EVERY TEACHER MATTERS” as Change – in Education believes that Teachers play a very important role in making the world a better place to live in. They not only educate children, but also help turn them into responsible adults. The teachers act as the guide for life, show the path towards success and enrich the personality of their disciples by imparting ethical and academic knowledge. They bring out the untamed talents of their students and sharpen it in order to bring out the best results. All the teachers and organizers were fully charged, enthusiastic and highly motivated to take the learning initiative and training ahead.

Over 65 teachers from South Waziristan Agency who participated showed keen interest, enthusiasm and dedication. The master Trainers motivated and injected new ideas into the audience of delegates comprising the Teaching faculty of SWA Schools which are under supervision of Pakistan Army 40 Div.

The founder and CEO CHANGE- IN EDUCATION Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq when approached said: “We desire to give teachers the basic aesthetic sense of using their ideas in the real world. Our aim is to make teachers think, come up with ideas and self asses their own progress. Our objective is capacity building and broadening the teacher’s horizon to gather ideas from all over the modern world and put them to their use.” He further added: “The importance of teacher training cannot be underestimated. The better a teacher is trained, the better he or she can educate tomorrow’s generation of Pakistanis. This training aims to enlighten audience on the teaching practices best suited in the current scenario and teach the teachers on how to best respond to the challenges of education.”


During the 3 day training workshop, Professional trainers bequeath the trainees with their experienced knowledge concerning the diverse skills and worth of a teacher. The basic purpose of this workshop was to enable the teachers to be acquainted with their responsibilities and role in the school community and its surroundings.


This Teacher Training workshop promised to provide the teachers with a platform to express themselves not only as individuals but more importantly as the Pakistani nation and allow them to prove their mettle and it has fulfilled its promise!!


At the concluding ceremony an accomplished Idea Sponsor and CEO Change – in Education Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq appreciated all his team and thanked them for taking forward his vision and said that: “Our enthusiasm, dedication and devotion to nurture the public education system is very profound. We the Change – in Education team are very committed to render our all-out support and to take an active part in any initiatives aimed at furthering the great cause and promoting national education.” He further said: “At Change – in Education we mean something very special by the word Education. To Change – in Education, the best education for students mean giving them every opportunity to exploit their potential, be it in terms of academic achievement, personal development or in the broader sense of physical development. For this reason we have set on sail to create a challenging and caring school environment that offers the right balance between academic excellence and the recognition of each child’s unique skills, qualities and needs. And it is our belief that aforementioned objectives cannot be achieved until and unless we fully equip our Teachers with new roles and responsibilities.”

CIE conducted a vocational and technical training in district TandooAllahYar for enhancing ICT knowledge and capacity of technology in the local community. During the course of the program various activities and interactive sessions were inculcated to ensure attention. The focus was not only on the core subject concepts but also on enlightening the importance of 21st century technology and its induction in education to respond efficiency to the existing and changing demand of the economy.

It aimed to instill modern teaching methodologies which are more than locking up a bunch of individuals making them follow the conventional guidelines but rather to make them learn out of the box thinking focusing on preparing them for the world ahead.

The training duration was four months which was held two days /week for 3 hours per day .The training include a comprehensive curriculum provided by CIE team in addition to that educational softwares and master trainers were also provided. Course component include MS DOS, MS window (installation and functioning), MS Office (MS Word, Excel, Power point) and usage of internet and email. The syllabus further describes the purpose of computer hardware, networking, multimedia, computer programming and Internet systems and many other topics.

After completion of the workshop Certificates were awarded to the participants.

CIE initiated to provide vocational trainings in TandooAllahYar funded by district government. The program included series of courses regarding drafting, cutting, sewing, tailoring, stitching and embroidery. The courses were free of cost as the beneficiaries of the program were women who had been selected from most underprivileged sectors. 100 women benefited from the training courses in the program’s duration, which allowed them to enter the labor market, and thereby drive the economic development of the region. The participants of the program were heads of their households, women who live below the poverty line or women who have been unemployed for at least one year. The women attended four months of classes in which they learn to design, cut, make patterns and sew, enabling them to see their creations through from start to finish. It helped them in earning sustainable incomes. Trainees were also provided with resource packs regarding their trainings and sewing machines were also provided to the deserved candidates.

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