In Change-in Education I find a worthy partner for the pursuance of many causes I am involved in, which are vital to Pakistan’s future and development. My collaboration with the visionary Faisal Mushtaq in advancement of progress for our country has always born fruit. Through Change –in Education’s partnering with my think tank Pakistan China Institute, we are together to promote, strengthen, expand and foster the relationship between Pakistan and China by focusing on Education and Youth empowerment on both sides of the border. With its current pace I foresee rapid progress and advancement for this organization.

Senator Mushahid Hussain

Change in Education and Pakistan China Institute organized an interesting conference for youth on the theme Pakistan and China, partners in the 21st century. The atmosphere was full of energy and vigor. The speakers’ panel was good and each one got undivided attention from the audience, which speaks well for their selection given that the young are not very high on patience. The conference explored many ways of enhancing interaction between the youth of both countries.

Tallat Azim

Change-in Education is beyond education, built with the intention to reform the existing teaching-learning landscape of Pakistan. Such a cause driven by intense passion for change is commendable. The manner in which this idea is pursued is also praise worthy. I truly feel the need for such organizations and visionaries in our society in order to benefit the masses in all facets of education. I pledge my full support for Change – in Education and encourage others to do so as well


Mian Imran Masood

Pakistan’s existing educational system needs improvement initiatives from all sectors of society. I welcome Change-in Education’s bold step into the educational development sector and am proud to be supporting this change for Pakistan. Recently I had an opportunity to preside one of the change – in Education’s national youth conference and found it very relevant and informative. I wish Faisal Mushtaq and his Change-in Education team all the very best and look forward in working with them on the Change that we all envision for Pakistan.

Dr. Javaid R. Laghari

Change -in Education from its very inception has proven itself with its unique focus on exploring varied opportunities for the 360 degree education improvement approach. Initiatives by such visionaries further strengthen the trust of expatriate community and foreign nationals in Pakistan and its potential. From the policy framework initiatives such as research and advocacy to core educational phenomena such as school curriculum and child nutrition this organization through its broad vision has set its path for the preparation, development and improvement of society

Shahid Ahmed Khan

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