1. Village Name:             Kot Lalo
  2. Union Council:                         Daraban Kalan
  3. District:             I.Khan

Village Profile:

The village Kot Lalo is situated in U/C Daraban near Koh-e-Suleman vallay Tehsil Daraban in District D.I.Khan. The village has 200 households and total population is round about 2000. The majority of the people are poor and do not have access to basic resources & services. The overall social and economic indicators are below national standards. The nearest medical facility is BHU situated at a distance of 01 km from the village.


Sr # Name of Village Total H/H Population High School


# of Primary Schools High School


1 Kot Lalo 200 2000 Nil 01 Boys 00 Girls Nil Sarakai & Pashto

School Profile

The school is situated in village Kot Lalo U/C Daraban Kalan, in District D.I.Khan.  The school has currently 82 students with 03 teachers & 02 class rooms, 01 Toilets.


(Base Line)

New Enrollment Teaching staff (B/Line) Teaching staff current Class Rooms (B/Line) Class Rooms Current
1 Kot Lalo 80 82 02 03 02 02

C.I.E Interventions in GBPS KOT LALO

C.I.E addressed issues of the school as per the needs highlighted by the PTC, Change in Education has provided the financial resources to PTC for the Renovation & Rehabilitation of school building civil work includes Construction of Boundary Wall, renovated the 2 class rooms 2(24’x16′), ceiling fans, provision of 30 desk benches, 2 teacher table, 2 teacher chairs and sanitary installation in 2 toilet provides to the school. This has also contributed towards C.I.E goals of supporting universal primary education by allowing more children opportunity and access to primary education. The provision renovation is creating physical space to enroll those out of school children whose families cannot afford to send them to private schools. Such children are denied education opportunities when government schools are unable to accommodate them due to space constraints.



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